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Want to see astonishing beauties of Makarska Rivijera? There is no better way than to do it while cycling. We are located in Makarska, a small city on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia. Discover amazing beaches, hidden places and enjoy your vacation.

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If you feel like you could use some support during your cycling adventures, this option is the right one for you. Choose your level of assistance and make your trips as easy as you want. We have a variety of models including CUBE, Haibike and Giant. Sizes vary, so you can choose an e-bike from S to XL sized frame.

Create your own adventure and ride along beautfiul coast of Makarska Rivijera for hours, days or even longer on our comfortable, high-quality bikes. We have a variety of models including CUBE, Merida and Norco. Sizes vary, so you can choose bike for your kid or for yourself from S to XXL sized frame.

Skywalk Biokovo by e-bikes

Nature Park Biokovo is now home of the most attractive walkway in Croatia! Biokovo Skywalk is located at Ravna Vlaška viewpoint, 1228 meters above sea level, 20km from Makarska. It is a walking surface at the edge of a cliff that enables visitors to enjoy extreme and unforgettable walks in controlled conditions. We are here to make it possible for you to reach this beautiful destination using our high-quality electric bikes or mountain bikes, whatever you prefer!

Biokovo skywalk